The Tempering of Christine- Chapter 11



Saturday, August 23, 2014- Day 2 the Gala of Passions and Punishments- – A Ghost from Christine’s Past Is Here (Cont.)

Sean fisted my long red hair roughly forcing my head back just as his demanding lips met mine. He then kissed me with molten passion slightly nibbling on my lower lip. I pushed Sean away violently slapping his face hard. I could hear Adum’s chair knocking over as he jumped to his feet. Sean causal glance at Adum as he rubbed the welt on his cheek stating in a disgustingly calm voice “What do ye think you’re going to do, mate? I out-weigh ye by at least thirty-pounds!” Before Adum could say anything his brother Gunnar pushed him harshly out of the study. “You two have twenty minutes.” Gunnar said with authority. I ripped myself out of Sean’s embrace and strode towards the desk just trying to get some distance between Sean and I.

I walked around the desk and sat in the chair. In a phony sweet voice I said “Soooo Sean, What the fuck do you want? I haven’t seen you’re sorry ass in eight years. I know you’re not here because you missed me. What happened you get dumped by one of your whores?” Sean’s jaw clenched with obvious anger. “For your information, I have missed ye terribly and no I have not been dumped either. I thought it was time for me to re-claim what is mine!” Sean said in an obvious smug tone. “Yours? Really Sean? I am not your property!” I exclaimed. “Yes. You are mine, Christine! I never released ye!” Sean fired back. “No, you didn’t release me. I fled- which ended our relationship. However, if you can recall our little agreement I am totally within my rights to walk away from the relationship any time I wish!” I recited.

Sean despondent said “You left me, Chrissy, Why?” “Yes I did leave. Any sane person would have too! So, I repeat what the fuck do you want from me?” I retorted. “You seriously think I never loved you? Well I did!… And still do!” I started rolling with laughter “God, you are so full of shit. I’m not one of your brain-less submissives, Sean. Your charms don’t work on me!” I snorted with mirth. “Christine, I do not appreciate your nasty disrespectful mouth right now.” Sean said in his menacing Dom voice. “Well that is too bad sweetie because right at this moment I don’t care. I have changed considerably in the last eight years. I don’t take shit from asshole doms like you!” I clipped.

“Ok, I realize me just showing up after eight years seems strange but I have my reasons. For Christ sake, I just learned that you were living in Sweden.” Sean said trying to maintain his calm demeanor. “Let me guess my wonderful friend Gunnar told you?” I said in a sardonic tone. Sean just shook his head in acknowledgement. I sighed releasing all the tension. “I saw Gunnar four months ago at the Annual Play party in Glasgow.” Sean stated. With some confusion I said “Glasgow? Why did they have the party there?” I asked. The Black Spade club was in Edinburgh not Glasgow. “The old place in Edinburgh was closed three-years ago, more like condemned. So the owners decided to relocate to Glasgow.” Sean said. “You said you had reasons? I’m listening.” I said trying to get back on topic. I sat back in the chair propping my feet upon the desk. I said “Ok Sean, talk.” Sean shook his head again chuckling to himself. “Ok” he said softly.

“I received a call from my sister Caroline, not too long after everything with you hit the fan. She asked me to come home for a visit.” Sean said explaining. Sean lives in Glasgow primarily but he does have a small house in California. However, he was born in Kilmarnock were his entire family lives. I still kept in contact with both Sean’s sisters Caroline and Maisie. I knew both parents had passed away within the last eight years- dad from cancer and mom from a massive heart attack. I nodded my head prompting Sean to continue.

He coughed clearing his throat and began to speak. “My parents wanted to get all of us together to break the news that my Da had terminal lung cancer. The doctors gave him maybe six-months to live. I stayed to help mum. It was absolutely horrible to watch my hero..My da waste away, Chrissy.” I heard Sean’s tears catch in his throat. Sean Mackibben was no cry-baby when I heard the pain in his voice. My hand drifted down my chest lightly rubbing the area where my heart is located. “I’m so sorry Sean. I loved your dad. He was a sweet funny man.” I said with sympathy. “Yes he was.” Sean said in agreement. Clearing his throat again Sean told me “Mum died about three years ago. She had a massive heart attack in her sleep. I kinda went off the deep end after that.” Sean sighed his eyes were down cast to the floor. I decided to come clean with Sean at this point and confess. “Yes, I know about everything Sean. I still talk to your sisters. They told me about your dad and mom. They also told me about your drinking/drug problem as well.” I said quietly. Sean lightly gasped for air I could see the unshed tears in his eyes. He was hurting. I have never seen him this vulnerable.

Abruptly Sean’s head jerked up. When his brain finally absorbed my last statement. “Wait a minute you still are in contact with my sisters? What the fuck, Chrissy?” Sean stated with disgust and  astonishment. I just nodded slowly. “Are you telling me that my sisters have been keeping informed about me?!” Sean said in a disbelieving tone. I sighed softly and nodded my head in affirmation. Sean snorted in obvious abhorrence. “I did attend both of your parents’ funerals. I sat in the back of the church each time.  As soon as the service was over I left. Before you could see me.” Sean voice trembled with incredulity “Wow, you really do hate me, couldn’t even stick around to offer me some sympathy!”  I could feel my face beginning to flash with red hot anger “I was there to pay my respects to your parents not to console you. I loved your parents they were always good to me. Now if you could please get to these reasons why you are here right now!!” I barked.

We both fell silent for what seemed like an eternity. The conversation was at an impasse until Sean broke the silence “My parents had known each other since they were wee little things. Da always said that God made my mum for just him and vice versa. I use to scoff at him thinking that he was quite daft, you know.” Sean said giggling. His giggling evoked my giggling which broke the tension. I cleared my throat of any laughter because my next statements were not meant to be funny. “Maisie called me the night you crashed your Porsche into that stone farm house. She said you were drunk and high on cocaine.” I said with sadness mixed with disgust in my voice. Sean just sat on the other side of the desk stone faced. “She also told me that your passenger in the car was killed?” I said so quietly I wasn’t sure if he heard me. Sean did hear me. “Aye, it was Samantha from the club.” He clipped. I scoffed rolling my eyes. “Oh, that slut. Yeah I remember her. She always had her eye on you.” Sean huffed. “Jesus bloody Christ, Chrissy the woman is dead because of my stupidity. The least you could do is not speak of ill of the poor woman.” Sean chastised.

Gunnar poked his bald head into the study “Everything ok in here? Everybody’s vital organ still intact?” he asked teasing. “I guess? I still don’t know why you are here Sean?” I said slightly perturbed. Sean exhaled a large breath “We still have a contract my dear. I am here to restore my authority over you as your Master.” I sat up abruptly literally shrieking “EXCUSE ME? OH HELL NO!” I continued hollering not caring who heard me “That fucking contract was null and void the moment you plunged your cock into someone else’s cunt!” Gunnar made his way back into the study while I was shrieking at Sean. I glanced at Gunnar as he sat down in one of the chairs “Where’s Adum?” I asked cruelly. “I thought it best for Adum to go back to the party this matter has nothing to do with him.” Gunnar stated. “This is ridiculous! The contract stated perfectly I am permitted to walk away from the relationship at any time. Sean you have no power over me anymore!” I calmly stated.

Sean reached into the back pocket of his black leather pants and pulled out the damn contract. I immediately scoffed rolling my eyes. “Seriously!?’ I exclaimed. With a shit eating smile on his gorgeous face Sean softly rumbled “Yes, you do have that power but I am the dominant in this relationship.” “Yeah what the hell does that mean!?” I squealed. “You have to formally tell me that you want out of our relationship. You didn’t do that Christine. You snuck away to Sweden without my permission!” Sean stated. I began to tremble because I knew what Sean’s next statement would be and I was right. He gazed at me with such lust then sweetly said. “So….I must punish you.”



Hopefully 2016 will be a wonderful year for all. Love you.


The Tempering of Christine- Chapter 10


Part 2- To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before


Chapter 10

Saturday, August 23, 2014- Day 2 the Gala of Passions and Punishments- A Ghost from Christine’s Past Is Here

“Somebody looks like she is ready to play.” Gunnar said teasingly. I realized that I must have been lost in my thoughts for a bit. I did have a heavy blindfold on so naturally my mind was starting drift into what submissives call “subspace”. Subspace is an intoxicated euphoric state of mind. This happens when your body releases endorphins into the brain. In the last couple years the only way I could experience this high was when I was bound and blindfolded. Unfortunately, tonight with the blindfold on I was in sensory overload and it sounded as if there was a crowd of people surrounding me. I began to panic feeling suffocated by the attention. I could feel hands touching and caressing parts of my naked body, which totally unnerved me.

Feeling utterly uncomfortable I was just about to use my safe word which Gunnar and I agreed on. Before I could say “RED” the groping stopped as suddenly as it began. I felt a soft pair of lips gently kiss the valley between my breasts and pull on the chain that was attached to the nipple clamps. Both actions felt so familiar my body reacted instantly swaying and softening into submission. I felt my mind slipping back into subspace from the simple tug on my breasts. I knew right then and there who my admirer was. Only one person could ever slip me into subspace by a simple kiss or caress. My lips parted gasping with arousal and surprise. I could feel my admirer moved closer, his unique oh so indisputable scent fluttered into my nostrils.  I was intoxicated by his scent. I groaned licking my lips hissing seductively to the admirer “Goddamn, I always loved the smell of that cologne. It makes me want to sink my teeth into you.”  I moaned loudly with unapologetic yearning in my voice.  I  began to grind  my bare mound slowly against the table aching for friction. My admirer chuckled at my obvious wanted nature which irritated the hell out of me. I grumbled softly “Cocky bastard.”

I exhaled softly trying to gain some control of my emotions.  Now, that I definitely knew who my admirer was it scared the shit out of me. I was trembling with the suppressed anxiety. The admirer dipped a finger into my wet folds then gruffly whispered to Gunnar in a thickly accented voice “She looks exquisite Gunnar.” I chuckled to myself “Christ, that damn accent! That Scottish burr will be the death of me!” I forgot how his voice with that sexy Scottish accent made my sex ache with desire. My swollen clit pulsed begging to be fondled. My admirer trailed my wetness up to my stomach stopping for a moment to caress the scar I have right above my pubic bone. I let out a shuddering gasp and my blood roared hotly in my ears.

My lips quivered out a whisper barely audible. “Sean??” “Hello, my beautiful lass. You miss me?” Sean whispered. “Your body certainly has. Hmmm you’re so wet.” Sean growled. I felt his soft full lips on mine. I moaned into Sean’s mouth allowing him to deepen the kiss. He sighed with gratification “That’s it lass, give your Master a long hot kiss.” Sean breathing was raspy with desire. Sean slipped his delicious tongue back into my mouth while his hands played with my taunt breasts, squeezing the enormous globes in his big hands. There was a charged silence between us. We were both utterly speechless. The only sounds floating between us were our little breathless pants of pure lust. Sean began to frantically run his hands all over my body like a man possessed. Finally, he broke the kiss snarling into my ear with his hot breath “ I knew it Chrissie, you still love me! I’m here to reclaim what is mine!”

With Sean’s declaration I felt like someone just knocked the wind out of me. My voice came out in a squeak “What?” I said to Sean. Of course, Gunnar resolved to chime in at this point “It occurred to me on the first day that maybe I should give Sean a ring. I know we all have been doing this Lake house BDSM vacation thing for years.” Gunnar said.  I scoffed with aggravation. Gunnar decided at this moment not to pay any attention to my obvious bratty attitude by  continuing to talk “I can’t exactly remember whose idea this whole thing was.” Goddamn it, I was blindfolded and I still knew with that statement Gunnar was waving a flippant hand which encompassed the whole scene- the Gala, the house, and the damn trip.

“It doesn’t matter Christine who suggested this to our friends. Especially, since you and I have lived the lifestyle for years” Gunnar clipped. I exhaled with some exasperation “It was my idea, Gunnar! You just followed along. Also I have not been living the lifestyle since I moved to Stockholm!” I retorted “May be so my dear but I realized I couldn’t play with you until I got permission from your real Master.” Gunnar said. I growled “Sean is not my Master! He un-collared me eight years ago!” Even with blindfold on I could feel Sean’s eyes on me burning holes into my soul. Then to my left I could feel Adum’s rage smoldering and buzzing in my head. I seriously thought I was going to pass out from the energy these two men were exuding. My blood ran cold because I knew given an opportunity Adum would kick the shit out of Sean and vice versa. Sean was an enormous man. He was the same height as Adum but Sean fit the part of Scottish Highlander. The kind of man who would drop his kilt and run screaming into battle with just his broad sword.

“Hmm..Excuse me Christine, Master Mackibben did not formally take your collar away from you which means he did not release you. You my dear took it off and left him! So technically you are still his collared Submissive!“ Gunnar said sternly in the arrogant way Dom’s talk to an insubordinate submissives. “Ok, whatever Gunnar! I have been with both of your brothers this weekend doing all kinds of kinky shit. You didn’t seem to care then!” I said with some serious irritation. “I know the rules Christine” Gunnar scoffed. “The rules! Gunnar please, you  finger fucked me the very first night in the kitchen!  You didn’t seem to be too worried about doing that without Sean’s permission?!” I spit back. “Now take all this fucking shit off of me right now! I’m done playing your stupid fucking game, Gunnar!!!” I demanded. Just then I felt a very large meaty hand smack my ass and a deep voice rumbled angrily into my ear “Show some respect to Master Skoglund! I taught you better than that Chrissie!” Sean said. “Now apologize to Master Skoglund.” Sean stated.

I exhaled a sigh already tired of this conversation. “I am sorry for my rudeness Master Skoglund. Can you please remove the blindfold and untie me from the table? I would like to go into the house and discuss some things with you and Master Mackibben, Please?” I said in the most fabricated sweet tone, oh who am I kidding I was being a saucy bitch. Gunnar stood silently for what seemed like eternity. I knew without actually seeing it, Gunnar was probably shaking his head annoyed by my surly attitude. Gunnar exhaled promptly removing the blindfold.

I got my first look at Sean in eight years. He was still built like NFL player not one ounce of fat on his body. He was all muscle still. A tall imposing man Sean is. His red hair was longer now going past his shoulder blades with thickly curling strands at the ends. I’d forgotten how breath- taking gorgeous Sean is. I did not or could not forget how much I loved him and how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. That was the plan until Sean cheated on me while I was pregnant.

Gunnar was nice enough to take off all the other pleasure implements. Except for the nipple clamps because Sean insisted that I continue to wear them. Of course, I know why he requested for those particular gadgets to stay put. I have huge tits. Sean Mackibben is a tit man he frickin loves them. He always loved putting nipple clamps on my breasts.  They gave Sean such a hard on. It was quite arousing most of the time because the poor man couldn’t sit down because his cock was so ridged. I’m not going to lie my girls are pretty amazing they are round and perky which is surprising for their size. I wear a 34 EE.  I have speculated for years about getting a breast reduction done but I always chicken out. They are a huge pain in the ass and I don’t mean that I am in any physical pain from them. However, finding cute lingerie or even shirts to fit my size, UGH! And don’t get me started on finding bras like I said they are a pain in my ass.

We all start making our way back to the house while the appetizers were being served. On my way up to the house I got my first glance at the amount of people that were here. I gasped in horror there must be over fifty people here. I could see many familiar faces from the BDSM group I belonged to in the UK. “Jesus Christ!” I scolded at Gunnar. “One naked woman and three clothed men walking into the house, yeah that doesn’t look weird or anything, Gunnar!” I hollered back. “Not with this group of people, Chris.” Gunnar said mocking me. “FUCK ME!” I squawked stomping off to the house. I heard Sean’s voice behind me say in his sexy Scottish burr “Is that a request?” I could have smacked that smug smile off his face but I didn’t. I’m sure either him or Gunnar is going to have red welt on their face by the time I’m finished with them.

We convened in the study. I turned when I heard the oak door shut. “Ok, right at this moment play is over this Master/Slave shit isn’t in this room right now!” I said with fever. Gunnar drew his hand up in surrender saying “Alright, Chris.” “Gunnar what the hell are you doing? Inviting the Black Spade members? Least of which. HIM?” I said frantically waving in Sean’s direction. The Black Spade is a very exclusive and secretive BDSM club. It is an International club with many members.  A large amount of the Clubs Doms or dominants are rich, powerful, talented men like Sean Mackibben.

Adum stood up from his seat and started to strip off his black button down shirt. He removed the shirt handing it to me to put on. “Chrissy sweetie, please put this on.” Adum said sweetly. I nodded and began to slide the enormous shirt onto my body. Before I could get the last of the buttons buttoned. Sean suddenly grabbed my hands. I stared into Sean’s eyes with malice squawking out a curt “What?” Sean said nothing he just slid his large hand down again to my C-section scar caressing the skin. I just stood absolutely still trying not to explode in a fit of rage. Until Sean said in a low sob “Oh god, Emily I’m sorry.” I lost it. My hands clenched into hard fists and I roared “Sorry…? You’re sorry? You killed our baby you fucking bastard!” I smacked Sean’s hand off my stomach. “You are the most disgusting person I have ever known!” I screamed. “Not only were you cheating on me but doing it in our home in our bed. The same bed we conceived our daughter in!” I hollered. “Goddamn it Sean, if you wanted out so bad all you had to do was tell me! I would have left but no you had to go whore yourself around.” I snarled.

“How long did you know about the other women?” Sean asked woodenly. “Since the doctor’s appointment Sean, the last and first one you ever went to when Dr. Cameron advised me to go on bed rest. I guess bed rest to you means no sex so let me go get it from someone else.” I said haughtily. Sean winced as if my words smacked him directly in the face. “Thank you for all the embarrassment you made me put up with during my pregnancy and after the car accident. I really appreciated it!” I said sarcastically. “Wow the great Master Mackibben is speechless.”I said exasperation dripping in my voice. I stood up on my tippy toes so we were nose to nose and growled “I will never forgive you Sean Mackibben, release me! I refuse to be with a man who cares more about his cock than his pregnant girlfriend!”

True Blood Series Finale


Since we are coming to the last episode of True Blood. I have decided to compile a list of story lines, characters, and other scenarios I wished that the show producers/ writers would have explored or did explore and screwed it up. I am a huge fan of the entire Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. There are so many differences between what was written in the books to what we all saw on True Blood.

1. The bombing at the Vampire Summit in Rhoades. This was one of the storylines in book 7- All Together Dead. I would have loved to see this acted out on the show. I think it would have been amazing.

2. Bubba the Vampire- As many of you know Bubba was the late great Elvis Presley. Who was made a vampire by a morgue attendant/ vampire but because of the nature of his death due to drugs Bubba wasn’t quite right in the head. Bill introduced him to Sookie in book 1- Dead until Dark. Bubba was in and out of the book series he was always called to protect Sookie like her own personal vampire body guard. Now how hard would have that been to find an Elvis impersonator to play Bubba..jeez!!!

3. John Quinn the Weretiger- Quinn had a brief romantic relationship with Sookie. He is introduced in Book 5- Dead as a Doornail and was in the book series until Book 9- Dead and Gone I think it would have been nice to see someone casted as Quinn in the show.

4. Now this was in the show but I never quite understood why they changed it. Bill was not the vampire who staked Long-Shadow (The bartender at Fangtasia who stole money from Eric and Pam). Eric was the vampire who staked Long-Shadow when he attacked Sookie. That staking plays a critical role in Book 5- Dead as a Doornail when Long-Shadow’s maker sends a pirate vampire Charles Twining after Eric and Sookie.

5. Amelia Broadway- Amelia was a witch that Sookie meets when she goes down to New Orleans to clean out her cousin Hadley’s apartment. Amelia was Hadley’s landlord. Amelia first appears in Book 6- Definitely Dead then she actually comes back to Bon Temp with Sookie becoming her roommate. Amelia is in the book series from Book 6 to the last book.

6. Godric was not Eric’s maker. Eric’s maker was another Roman named Appius Livius Ocella and Eric’s only sibling was a brother Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia they are a part of Book 10- Dead in the Family

7. Pam was not a hooker or even American and her last name was not Swynford De Beaufort. Pam was a Victorian lady from London, England and her last name was Ravenscroft. However, I do love Kristin Bauer van Straten portrayal of Pam. Other than these minor differences I believe Kristin is Pam the way Charlaine intended her to be.

8. Pam and Sookie’s relationship. On the show Pam cannot stand Sookie in the book series they become very close friends. Sookie saves Eric and Pam’s lives in Book 7- All Together Dead during the bombing on the vampire hotel in Rhoades.

9. Bill’s kidnapping. Bill was not kidnapped by the King of Mississippi Russell Edgington. He was kidnapped by his maker Lorena Ball specifically for the vampire database Bill was compiling for the Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne Leclerq. Russell was not Lorena’s King but an old friend of hers and he let Lorena borrow the space in his barn/stable where she tortured Bill.

10. Stan Davis was not a cowboy minion from Dallas. Stan was a nerdy looking sheriff who later became King of Texas. The cowboy looking vampire was Stan’s brother and nest mate Farrell. None of the Dallas vampires personally knew Godric/Godfrey. Godric/Godfrey was not a sheriff he was called a renouncer he was helping Steve Newlin find other vamps to kidnap. Sookie and Bill went to Dallas so they could help find Stan’s nest mate Farrell.

11. Sophie-Anne Leclerq was not killed by Bill Compton. After the bombing in Rhoades where Sophie-Anne lost her legs she recovering in Baton Rouge because Hurricane Katrina destroyed her place in New Orleans. She was murdered by vampire minions who worked for the King of Nevada Felipe de Castro. Sophie-Anne’s demise is in Book 8- From Dead to Worse

12. Peter Threadgill was the King of Arkansas and Sophie-Anne’s vampire husband who led a violent revolt on all the Louisiana vampires at a party in New Orleans (Book 6- Definitely Dead). Peter gets killed and Sookie is the only witness to murder. In Book 7- All Together Dead Queen Sophie-Anne goes on trial for his murder at the vampire Summit in Rhoades.

13. Desmond Cataliades the semi-demon lawyer from New Orleans. Mr. Cataliades is Sookie’s unspecified “godfather”. Sookie was the only telepath in her family this gift was bestowed upon her by Mr. Cataliades. Mr. Cataliades was the Queen’s lawyer and old friend to Sookie’s fairy grandfather Finton. Mr. Cataliades was also the one who sent for Sookie when her cousin Hadley died. And… Mr. Cataliades is distantly related to Barry “The Bellboy” from Dallas the only other telepath Sookie ever met.

14. Octavia Fant was Amelia Broadway’s mentor and primary reason for Amelia moving to Bon Temp with Sookie. She appears in for the first time in Book 8- From Dead to Worse

15. Tara Thornton is not a vampire. Tara still is a childhood friend of Sookie’s but she never becomes a vampire.. a mom yes. Tara marries another childhood friend of her and Sookie’s named JB Du Rone. Also Lafayette is not Tara’s cousin.

16. Kenya Jones and Kevin Prior are partners on the Bon Temp Police force and they are in love with each other. Eventually they start a relationship with one another.

17. Hoyt Fortenberry never leaves Bon Temp to move to Alaska. Hoyt actually ends up asking Holly Cleary to marry him not Andy Bellefleur. Andy marries another woman by the name of Halleigh Robinson an elementary school teacher.

18. Bill never makes a vampire child. Yes.. it is true the character of Jessica Hamby does not exist in the book series. If you remember on the show Bill was forced to make Jessica because he killed Long-Shadow well in the book Eric killed Long-Shadow so the whole scene of the vampire trial in Season 1 was made up by the show’s writers. However, I do love Deborah Ann Woll I think she is really pretty and a really amazing actress.

19. The whole Season 5 plot. Everything about the Authority and the whole Lilith thing non-existent in the book series.

20. Sookie and Eric’s relationship. On the show Sookie never stops loving Bill. However, in the book series Sookie falls in love with Eric and even becomes vampire married to Eric. She has a very strong blood bond with Eric to which Sookie gets her witch friend Amelia Broadway to break so she can see if her feelings for Eric are genuine or the bond. Well they were genuine. Sookie and Bill never re-kindle they’re relationship. Unfortunately, things with Eric do go south when Eric’s maker promises him to the Queen of Oklahoma. In the very last book in the series Dead Ever After Sookie starts a romantic relationship with Sam. But she had a really romantic relationship with Eric. I don’t understand why they changed that storyline on the show.

21. Arlene Fowler. Ok this is something I do like from the show. I love how Arlene and Terry became involved and got married. And now she is getting involved with a vampire. The Arlene Fowler in the book series is a bitch who ends up dead by Book 13. Arlene becomes involved with the Fellowship and tries to kill Sookie. In the very last book Sookie’s fairy cousin Claude, Amelia’s father, and Steve Newlin kill Arlene and try to frame Sookie for her murder.

22. Alcide never dies or has a romantic relationship with Sookie. Yes Alcide does become Pack Master and plays a primary role in all the Were’s and Shifter’s coming out to the public.

23. Debbie Pelt’s murder this is a critical plot line. Yes Sookie does kill Debbie but it was after Debbie shot Eric. Sookie cleans the kitchen and Eric disposes Debbie’s body and car. Now Eric was still spellbound at this time so when the spell is broken Eric doesn’t remember anything including Sookie shooting Debbie. Sookie does tell Eric EVERYTHING in Book 5- Dead As a Doornail unfortunately Eric doesn’t regain his memories of that time until Book 8- From Dead to Worse. However, Debbie’s family especially her sister goes after Sookie. Not until Book 11- Dead Reckoning is the Debbie Pelt death put to rest.

24. Eric does not kill Claudine. Claudine actually dies in the Fae War in Book 9- Dead and Gone . We find out Water fairies killed Sookie’s parents who are enemies of Sookie’s fairy great-grandfather Niall Brigant.

25. Eric is the one who introduces Sookie to her fairy great-grandfather Niall Brigant in Book 8- From Dead to Worse. That is where one of my favorite Eric Northman lines comes from after Sookie has a long dinner/talk with Niall she comes out to the parking lot where Eric is waiting for her. Sookie reeks of fairy and Eric states something like he would love to bite her, fuck her, and rub himself all over her.

26. Lafayette- most of you know that he is killed off in Book 2- Living Dead in Dallas. LaLa is the body in Andy’s car they eluded to it on the show but the body ended being the woman who did the exorcism on Tara’s mom. However, I am a big Lafayette fan his character was hilarious so keeping him in the show I think the producers made a good call there.

27. Eric’s amnesia. Ok the whole plot on this was not correct as far as the book series goes. My favorite book from the series is Book 4- Dead to the World. The witch who cursed Eric was a werewitch that was using vampire blood. Marnie Stonebrook or Hallow wanted a percentage of Eric’s businesses and she wanted him. When Eric denied Hallow she erased his memory. The reason why he was found on the road walking towards Sookie’s house was part of the spell for Eric to find his heart’s desire and never know it. When Pam gets Hallow to break the spell on Eric he doesn’t remember any of the time he has spent with Sookie. However, Eric does regain his memories of the time with Sookie but it’s not for a couple books. On the show he regains it all instantly. I love Alexander Skarsgard and I wish they would have kept to the book especially since they would be have been so many more nude scenes with him and Anna.

28. Luna Garza- was briefly in Book 2- Living Dead in Dallas. Luna helps Sookie escape from the Fellowship. Yes Luna is two-natured but she never meets Sam or has a relationship with him. Luna is not the ex-wife of the pack master in Shreveport…nope she helps Sookie and that was it.

29. Sookie getting staked at Club Dead in Jackson, Mississippi. Ok this was a critical part of Book 3- Club Dead. This was the second time Sookie has some of Eric’s blood which made they’re tie even stronger. Also, this how Sookie gained access to Russell’s house where she eventually finds Bill. Alcide and Tara are not anywhere when Sookie escapes Russell’s with Bill. Bubba finds Bill and tells Sookie and Eric who come up with a plan to set Bill free.

30. The whole Hot Shot plot. Ok this was done all wrong first Calvin Norris was Crystal Norris’s uncle and leader of the Werepanthers. Also Calvin was pretty nice guy who at one time in the book series wanted to date Sookie. Secondly, Crystal Norris was Jason Stackhouse’s first wife who is murdered in Book 9- Dead and Gone. Thirdly, Jason becomes a Werepanther after his kidnapping in Book 4- Dead to the World. As they say in the book Jason was bitten not born a panther and he can only change the nights of the Full Moon. And Jason can only change into a half man half panther state.

***There is so much more I could add to this list but I would be here forever…LOL I am sad to see True Blood end. I have enjoyed the seven seasons despite the book to show differences. But most beloved books that become movies or television shows are never like the novel. I have only read a couple that were made into movies that were almost a film interruption of the novel the only one that comes to my mind right now is Stephen King’s “Misery”. Happy Final True Blood Sunday everybody

The Tempering of Christine- Chapter 9


Saturday, August 23, 2014- Day 2 Christine’s Contemplations and Reflections before the Gala

At quarter of six Gunnar and Adum carried me down the stairs to be placed on the main table. I was blindfolded. I could feel the table and I could feel the cool breeze coming off the Lake. I noticed that they brought the big oak dining room table outside. My hands were bound on the small of my back. I was made to kneel sitting my rear end on the bottom of my feet. Gunnar decided not to gag me or bind me to the table. I was being very obedient so both items were not necessary.

I could hear people muttering all around me. I spoke up for a moment to Gunnar “Did you hire a caterer?” I said with much embarrassment. Gunnar replied back “Well kinda of. Sabastien and Kadir offered their services.” “What? Kadir is here too?” I said in total shock. “Yes my dear. Don’t worry Kadir won’t blab.” Gunnar stated flippantly.

Kadir Bachar, thirty-seven, was a long-time friend of the Skoglund brothers. He attended school with Adum and Gunnar. Kadir was born in İzmir, Turkey to Muslim parents who immigrated to Sweden when Kadir was a year-old. After Kadir graduated from High School he decided to study the culinary arts in Paris, France. Naturally, Kadir’s parents were not at all pleased that their son wanted to become a chef but with a string of highly successful Middle-Eastern cuisine restaurants they changed their mind. Kadir was an olive-skin beauty. He has a slender-muscular build, big gorgeous brown eyes, and black wavy chin length hair. Kadir married his High School sweetheart a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed Swede named Britta. Six months ago Kadir became a first time father to a sweet little baby girl named Damla. So I was quite surprised to know that Kadir was catering some of the dinner tonight.

The other chef catering the Gala was one of the Masters. Sabastien Avril, forty years-old and is a classically trained French chef who owned several restaurants in Europe, two in Stockholm. Sabastien was my friend Angelique Dedeaux ex-boyfriend and apparently her Master for this weekend. Sab and Ange met over ten years ago when he opened his first restaurant in Paris. Ange is a web designer and Sab hired her firm to create a web page for his new restaurant. Ange was the new kid at the firm so they assigned Sab’s account to her. They met and fell in love. They were together up until two-years ago when Ange left Sab at the altar. Sabastien is a sweet soft spoken man. He is quite tall for a French man with long wavy dirty blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Sab is much stockier than the Skoglund boys who have a tall slender but muscular build. Adum is more muscular than his brothers right now because he had to start bulking up for a movie. Anyway, Sab is absolutely fucking gorgeous, matter a fact, all my male friends are. They can have any woman they want but they all struggle with relationships, especially Adum.

I never realized that Adum had feeling for me. I guess I never thought I was pretty or intelligent enough for him. I mean Adum is an internationally famous actor he can have anyone he wants why the hell Adum would be interested in a nerdy writer. Adum’s ex- girlfriend was a fellow actress named Chloe Bogh. Of course, I know her by another name “skank stick” that is the nickname Adum’s family branded her.

About a year ago I took my European friends to Jersey shore for a month. They all had been fans (even though they will never admit it) of the MTV Show “Jersey Shore”. So we rented a Shore house in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. We had a blast until the second to last day when I was involved in a bar fight with Adum’s ex Chloe. Adum and Chloe’s relationship lasted for about two years they broke up in 2011 after Chloe was caught being unfaithful for the second time on Adum. They were engaged and living with one another until Adum caught Chloe fucking some guy in their bed. The screwed up part was not too long after their break-up Chloe married the son of bitch she cheated on Adum with. Chloe’s husband resembles a troll and supposedly isn’t a very nice guy but he is a billionaire. I have no idea what her husband’s exact occupation is but I know he is rich and that is why Chloe married him because Chloe isn’t exactly a wonderful actress, ok I’ll say it she fucking sucks. I guess Chloe felt she needed to marry a rich man to take care of her because Chloe’s acting career isn’t going anywhere. Why? Because again she sucks. So needless to say I loathed the bitch.

Adum wasn’t able come on the Shore trip he was in South Africa shooting a movie at the time. However, his two brothers Gunnar and Bjorn came along and of course his sister, my girl, Elsa. Johanna and Ange also made the trip as well. Colette, Jean, and Sabastien were not able to get time off from their jobs to come which didn’t bother any of us, except Elsa because she is head over heels in love with Jean. Ange was more than happy to get away from Sab. An Johanna and I are not too fond of the snobby Colette so no one missed her. We tolerated her because she was Ange’s close family friend. Even though, I don’t think Ange cares for Colette either.

We all decided to go to a club on the Boardwalk on the last Saturday of our Shore trip. We were going back home to Stockholm on Monday morning. I was out on the dance floor with Gunnar and Bjorn, and I was slightly drunk but hey, we all were. I was sandwiched up against Gunnar and Bjorn dancing, hey I was single and they were too. All the sudden someone pulled my long red hair ripping some of it out at the root. I swung around to see a fist coming towards my face. I saw all of this in slow motion. I put my hand up to block the fist and my elbow went up cracking the woman right in the nose. Gunnar called the move I made the “Seagal” after action actor Steven Seagal. I didn’t even notice who the woman was that I hit until I recognized the dude Bjorn was screaming at, it was Chloe’s husband. Bjorn and Chloe’s husband whose name is Ed began to push each other their faces inches apart. If Gunnar hadn’t got in between them I think Ed would have gotten his ass kicked. When I immediately recognized Ed that is when Chloe got up a tried to rush me. She never got the chance to Elsa jumped on Chloe’s back punching her in head. By the time the Police got to the club Chloe was unconscious with a nose broken in three places and a fractured jaw. The best part she was the one who got arrested because every witness that the Police interviewed told them that Chloe attacked me. I never found out why she went after me.

Gunnar was on his cell phone immediately after the scuffle talking to Adum out in the parking lot of the club. I knew that was who Gunnar was speaking to because he was pacing flailing his arms around screaming into the phone. I just put two and two together. Most women would be flattered I assume but I was terrified. I became very distant and removed when I was around Adum after the club incident.

Before the Shore trip Adum and I were very close. We were getting closer I was being very flirtatious with him and Adum was doing the same. We had a few steamy episodes and yes some oral sex had happened between us but that was all. However, when Adum came home to Stockholm two weeks after we all arrived back from New Jersey I was very cold and aloof with him. I know now that my actions bruised his heart. I didn’t mean to be nasty to him but I was in full blown self-conservation mode. I should have talked to Adum but I just couldn’t. An Adum didn’t disclose anything either so I figured he didn’t give a shit. I have always been a very passionate person but since last Summer I have not had any sexual encounters with anyone. Well ok I did have a brief encounter with Bjorn but that was it. I pushed Adum away. I even distant myself from Bjorn and Gunnar who did nothing wrong. Bjorn actually confronted me back in the early spring about my actions.

I was at home writing my latest blog for Johanna’s on-line music magazine when there was a knock at my door. I opened the door to Bjorn with a somber expression on his exquisite face. “Hey sweetheart. What’s up?” I said in faking cheerful tone. “Can I come in and talk to you, Christine?” Bjorn said in pensive manner. I motioned for him to come in and Bjorn did. I offered him some coffee which Bjorn accepted. We sat at the Kitchen table in silence for a moment then Bjorn spoke. “Chris, are you angry at me for some reason?” Bjorn asked. “No, sweetie I’m not upset with you.” I said honestly to him because I wasn’t upset with anybody, anxious yes outraged no. “Ok. Why don’t you talk to me anymore? We called and texted each other all the time. What happened did I do something to you?” Bjorn asked you could hear the pain in his voice. I liked Bjorn. When Gunnar and Elsa started bring him to the Lake house retreats I was more than happy to play with him. Bjorn is very sensual and sexy which is surprising for someone so young. Every time we have hooked up in the past that boy makes my toes curl with passion. Bjorn cleared his throat then said “This all began after we came home from Seaside. I don’t understand Chris. I defended you that night.” “I know baby.” I said as I stroke Bjorn’s cheek. I could see his eyes well up with tears which caught me off guard because Bjorn isn’t a crier. “We love you. We all love and miss you.” Bjorn said. “I’m so sorry sweetie I won’t hurt you and Gunnar anymore. You two did nothing wrong.” I said sweetly. “What about Adum?” Bjorn asked.

“What about Adum.” I said coldly. “Chris he loves you. Why are you hurting him? He wasn’t even there!” Bjorn said pain in his beautiful eyes. “Sweetie that is something between me and your brother it doesn’t concern you.” I said. “But it does. You have been distant with all of us except for Elsa.” Bjorn said a little enraged. I calmly replied “I’m sorry baby boy I didn’t mean to neglect you and I won’t do it anymore. But the truth be told you and Gunnar are the only one who has approached me about my distance. Your big brother has not. So I assumed he didn’t really care all that much.” I stared for a long time into Bjorn eyes then all the sudden he grabbed my chin slapping a long hot kiss on my lips. I was so sexually deprived my body just bent to his will. I gasped breathlessly to Bjorn “Fuck me, daddy, fuck me now!” Bjorn scooped me up into his arms and led me to my bedroom.

Bjorn laid me down on the bed and began to slowly slide my clothes off. I wrapped my legs around Bjorn’s waist as I felt his fingers glide into my panties then into my hungry tight nether mouth. This was the second time I coupled with Bjorn outside the confines of the Lake house retreat. The first time was in Seaside Heights. We all went clubbing one night and got totally bombed. I ended up in bed with Bjorn and Gunnar. I felt so dirty and guilty afterwards but I couldn’t stop myself. This time with Bjorn my body was so deprived I lost all self-control. For some reason, I can’t stop myself when one of these Skoglund boys begins to arouse me. The sexual energy they put out is intoxicating. Not caring I banged the crap out of Bjorn that day.

I began to moan with utter abandonment and passion then I realized I was dreaming. “Ohhh someone is ready for all of us tonight.” Gunnar remarked. I was remembering that intense night with Bjorn over a year ago and I was here bound blindfolded at the banquet table. I must have passed out after Gunnar placed me on the table. Gunnar switched on the all the vibrating contraptions and I was panting again. “Mmmmm…Christine I am going to make scream my name tonight.” I heard Gunnar remark and I began to quiver with fear and excitement.

The Tempering of Christine- Chapter 8

Saturday, August 23, 2014- Day 2 Adum prepares Christine for the Gala

Adum led me into the hot shower the whole time he was grumbling seductive propositions into my ear. For instance, Adum suggested using the massaging shower nozzle on my swollen clitoris. I again squealed like a little girl. Adum turned on all the shower jets I was surround by water. He then gently massaged some shampoo into my hair flexing his fingers slowly along my scalp. I was tingling all over with excitement. Adum carefully rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and applied some conditioner. I then rinse the shampoo from his hair after we both were rinsed thoroughly I pulled Adum’s head down to kiss my eager lips.

I grabbed the shower sponge and began to soap up Adum muscular chest. I put the sponge back in its little holder running my soapy hands all down Adum’s torso stopping at his groin. Adum did the same to me. We were breathing hotly into each other’s mouths massaging our tongues together. Adum let out a low growl and began to rock back and forth. I decided to take my slippery hands down to his engorged cock to stroke. Adum emitted a resounding moan from my actions then he proceeded to fondle my inflamed sex. I almost ignited into flames. I wanted him. My body was screaming for him and only him.

Adum look deep into my eyes an as if he could read my thoughts he wrapped his big arms around my thighs gathering me up. Then he placed my back against the tiled wall and sunk his manhood into me. I howled with quickness and aggressiveness of his vigor. Adum began to pound my little pussy hard bringing his whole penis out of my aching vagina then slamming it back in. I was digging my finger nails hard into his chiseled back. With each thrust Adum intensity strengthened he was growling and snarling like a wild animal. I was in totally ecstasy I couldn’t mutter a single sound my mouth was permanently affixed opened. All any would be able to hear is Adum’s sexy little noises and his balls slapping me as he cored into me. My feet were dangling off the floor and my back was pressed into the shower wall so needless to say I wasn’t going anywhere.

My head fell listless around as if I was losing consciousness but I wasn’t the passion was so overwhelming. My body began convulse with approaching orgasm. My big breast were jiggling around with Adum’s powerful thrust. I could see how he liked watching them. Between his moans of pleasure Adum was licking his lips. I could feel his saliva dripping onto my hard nipples. This sent me into a fury I began to scream “I’m cumming, I’m cumming baby!” Just then my vagina contracted around Adum’s cock and hot silky juices came squirting out of me. I gasped holding onto to Adum for dear life. I felt his whole body shudder and stiffened then Adum let out a profound wail. Adum’s cock erupted inside me the juices were scorching hot. My legs jerked with the intensity of Adum’s orgasm. I hollered again “Oh fuck I’m cumming again!” and I did.

Adum collapsed against my wet naked body his breathing was heavy as if he just ran a marathon. I was pinned between the wall and Adum’s panting quivering body he hadn’t pulled out of me. I could still feel his cock pulsating inside me and I knew he wasn’t finished with me just yet. I said very breathlessly and with no thought “I love you Adum.” Adum snapped his head up then replied “I worship you Christine. You are not my slave I am yours.” I just rested back staring intently Adum eyes absolutely stunned by his statement. My fingers flexed slowly in Adum’s golden hair while I tried to gaze deep into his soul. Adum kissed my lips slowly and tenderly. I could feel Adum’s beautiful cock begin to harden up again inside my womanhood. I teased Adum saying “I thought you wanted use the massaging nozzle on me sweetie?” Adum’s face broke out into a mischievous smile “That’s right I did. Didn’t I?” Adum said as he waggled his eye brows.

I was immediately placed back upon my feet. Adum ordered me to turn around and spread my legs apart. I turned putting my cheek up against the wall making sure I arched my little apple butt up in an inviting way. Adum grabbed the shower head turning the nozzle to the straight pulsating massaging spray. I watched Adum kneel down then I felt the water oscillating massaging my oh-so swollen clitoris. I shuddered from the pleasure. My hips began to undulate with gusto. I couldn’t get control of my passion the spray of water was rigid and rough but it was absolutely luxurious. I groaned with passion just then the spray of water went away and the sensation was replaced by Adum hot hungry mouth. I shrieked in total ecstasy then the spray of water was back punishing my inflamed sex. This back and forth continued sprays then Adum’s mouth his fervor increasing with each round. My head was swimming in a deep pool of rapture. Adum began to spank my wet buttocks and he was purring “That’s it baby make that ass dance for me.” I actually began twerk my butt cheeks shaking them with every spank of Adum’s hand. Adum sprayed the stream of water into my groaning vagina. I screamed “Take me daddy. Take me now!” Adum stood up immediately and frantically threw the shower head to the side and plunge his rock hard cock into my hungry vagina.

We were in the shower for over an hour making love. I think Adum was trying to make sure I was very well spent before the Gala. Not too long after we finally got out the shower Gunnar knocked on the door. Gunnar brought in all the props that I was to wear for tonight’s Gala. Adum and Gunnar oiled up my wrists, sex, and buttocks so the leather straps wouldn’t leave marks on my skin. Gunnar handed Adum a pair of new nipples they were faux fur lined with a heavy silver chain. Gunnar giggled pulling out his cell phone he pushed a button on his smart phone and the clamps started to vibrate. I blew a puff of air out in exasperation “Where the hell did you get these?” I said with astonishment. Gunnar chuckled. “Amsterdam…Red light district.” I just rolled my eyes. “I bought everything there. And all the toys can be controlled by my cell phone.” Gunnar said. “Don’t tell me the sex shop has an app for their toys?” Adum said. Gunnar shook his head grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I exclaimed lowly “Christ!” Adum must have been thinking the same thing I was when he said “How the hell did you know you would be picked to be Grand Master?” “I didn’t.” Gunnar said. I said slowly “Ok?” “I always buy stuff like this before we do the lake house retreat just in case I do get picked.” Gunnar said shrugging matter a factly.

I lay down onto the bed so Adum could insert the glass vibrating phallus into my well worked vagina. The phallus hooked onto the chain linked thong I wore for the clit stimulator which Adum affixed back onto me. Gunnar then tested all the vibrating contraptions with his cell phone app. However, Adum still had the remote control for the clit stimulator in his possession unfortunately Gunnar deactivated the thing by pulling out the damn batteries. “Sorry brother this my show tonight.” Gunnar said flippantly. Adum gritted his teeth trying not to explode into a rage. I sat up and caressed Adum’s cheek reassuring him that I love him and only him. “Ok what other slice of hell are you going to do to me?” I asked Gunnar still looking into Adum big blue eyes. I could see from the corner of my eye the black faux fur lined blindfold. I whispered to Adum sweetly “It’s ok baby.” Then Gunnar placed the blindfold onto my eyes.

The Tempering of Christine- Chapter 7


Saturday, August 23, 2014- Day 2 Christine is Chosen for the Gala of Passions and Punishments

I must have fallen asleep again on the porch swing because when I opened my eyes again I was in Adum’s bed. Adum was lying on back fast asleep. I could feel his slow hot breath on the nape of my neck he had his arms around my chest and Adum was cupping my breasts as he slept. One of his legs was draped over mine I felt as if I was bound in a straight jacket but surprisingly I was comfortable.

I turned slowly to face Adum and I laid my head onto his broad chest. I placed my ear on his heart to listen to the rhythm. I held very still so I could feel the heartbeat. I smiled sweetly and kissed Adum’s chest. Adum stirred a bit. I opened my mouth and licked up to Adum’s neck kissing his Adam’s apple then I proceeded to that gorgeous dimple in his chin. I mouthed Adum’s cleft chin at the same time my hands wandered down his chest and belly. My fingers traced the indentation between Adum’s hip and belly which most men call ‘cut lines’. I could see his cock was awake already. I brought my hand down and stroked Adum’s thick beautiful cock as I gently sucked on his lower lip. Adum’s mouth broke out into a smile and his eyes flickered open. “Good morning sleepy head.” I said. Adum gazed over to the clock on the night stand and he giggled. “Yes I know it is the afternoon.” I said cheerfully. Yeah it was like 3:00 in the afternoon. We both giggled then kissed each other deeply.

I began to lightly stroke Adum’s cock as my tongue parted his lips. Adum moaned into my mouth with desire. Then Adum rolled onto his back pulling me a top of him. My hot sex was kneading up against Adum’s erect cock. I could feel my vagina seep some fluid while my hard clitoris grinded on Adum’s cock. I was ready to play that is when I heard a knock at the bedroom door. Adum grumbled to whoever knocker was “Go Away!” A familiar voice replied back “Brother may I come in? It is kinda important. It is regarding Christine.” Adum sighed and I rolled off of him so he could answer the door. Not caring that he didn’t have a stitch of clothing on Adum answered the door. The visitor was our Grand Master and his younger brother Gunnar. He was carrying a silver tray full of food.

“Dude, seriously you couldn’t put a pair of shorts on?” Gunnar exclaimed to Adum. Adum just said sarcastically “Ohh, room service.” Gunnar walked through the door carrying the tray . “This meal is for your gorgeous slave Christine.” Gunnar said to Adum. I sat on the bed trying to cover up my naked body with a look of utter confusion on my face. “Why?” Adum asked. “Well I have chosen Christine to be the keynote slave for tonight’s gala. So I wanted to make sure she ate a filling meal being she is going to be thoroughly used tonight. Also Adum, she needs to be cleansed before the gala” Gunnar said charmingly. Adum stood there stunned and bewildered. “What the hell does any of this mean?” Adum retorted. I spoke up and began to explain to Adum what being the keynote slave entails.

“The keynote slave is bound, gagged, and blindfolded then placed in the middle of the dinner table as a center piece. To which any and all the Masters may tease or punish the slave throughout the meal. Once the meal ends the Grand Master begins the carnival of punishment on the key note slave.” I said slowly. Adum’s expression went from confusion to resentment. “So my brother is going to whip you in front of everybody?” Adum asked with indignation in his voice. “Yes baby.” I said sweetly. “Christine is going to be worshipped by everyone tonight brother. This is what we traditionally do. Please Adum don’t mess this up by being jealous. She is obviously in love with you and you with her so what happens tonight with anyone is just sex. Besides you might enjoy watching how we punish and pleasure her.” Gunnar said. Adum looked at me saying “Are you ok with this?” “Yes I am baby. And it will be fun for you believe me.” I said. Adum exhaled loudly through his mouth then said “Ok just for this weekend I will put my misgiving aside and go with the flow.” I sighed saying “As you can tell what happens here stays here we don’t talk about it once we all go home.” Adum nodded with agreement. Both Gunnar and Adum came over to sit on the bed while I ate my meal.

Gunnar chirped up then asking “So do you like the snazzy nipple clamps and clit stimulator?” “Oh these things were YOUR idea?” I said snidely. “Yes Ma’am and tonight you will be clamping that hot pussy around a glass vibrator affixed to the clit stimulator’s chain.” Gunnar said wagging his eye brows. “Ugh, really even more torture!” I said quite exasperated. “Yep. Did you see what the male slaves are wearing?” Gunnar asked licking his lips playfully. “I didn’t get a chance to check it out. What?” I said. “Vibrating cock rings and large glass vibrating phalluses.” Gunnar said with a devilish look on his handsome face. “Aww, poor Andy and Jean they have a vibrating dildo shoved up their asses. Gunnar that is cruel and fucked up.” I said with a disappointed look on my face. “Hey don’t blame me it was Elsa’s idea!’ Gunnar said. “Damn she really wants to torture Jean. Why?” I said somewhat befuddled. Gunnar just shrugged and I continued eat my supper.

As I sat eating and listening to Gunnar and Adum talk I began to feel neglected so I decided to taunt Gunnar and Adum by saying “Well there is something you two could learn from your baby brother.” I said warbling a bit remembering the sensual way their brother Bjorn fed me with his fingers my dinner the other night.

Both men just gazed my way with perplexity on their faces. “I was fed my dinner last night by Bjorn.” I said remembering Bjorn’s finger gently sliding in and out of my mouth exquisitely. I began to feel a stirring deep in my loins. Adum growled mischievously sexy to me as he picked some of the roasted chicken on my plate saying “Like this baby.” Adum slid a piece of the succulent chicken into my eager mouth when he went to withdraw his fingers I sucked them slowly seductively. Adum exhaled boisterously then said very fast to Gunnar “You need to go now, man!” Gunnar laughed picked up tray and as he walked out he tweeted to me “Be ready in two hours my dear. We are all going to feast on your endowment tonight.”

I crawled over to Adum purring like a pussy cat I said “Let’s go take a shower big boy. I’m a dirty girl and I need to be cleaned.” Adum just peered at me and snarled like a lion. I squealed clapping my hands together in excitement much like a little child. All I could think was “He is going to pound like a chicken cutlet in the shower.” I was totally hypnotized by Adum’s physique and the girth of his exquisite cock. I was surprised that I wasn’t drooling. Adum reached out to take me by the hand but he paused wiping some fluid from my mouth. Ok maybe I was drooling.

Adum lead me into the massive bathroom. He entered into the mammoth glass shower turning on the water heating up the water. When Adum emerged from the shower he seized me up into his arms and proceeded to kiss me parting my lips with his tongue lustfully. I felt my breath catch in my throat almost as if Adum stole it. My knees began to quaver like they were made of jelly an intense warm aura was radiating from my heart. I am in love with man. I know it for certain now. I will always yield to him. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally figure this out. Why I kept putting walls up around my heart? Why did I always keep my relationship with this gorgeous man at an arm’s length? Before I could ponder anymore on these questions Adum was snatching up again into a passionate embrace then guiding us into the steamy hot shower.

The Tempering of Christine- Chapter 6


Saturday, August 23, 2014- Early Day 2- Someone is watching us

“Oh fuck yes, eat that pussy Master!” I howled as Bjorn curled his hot tongue around my swollen clitoris. My little pleasure button was pulsing in Bjorn’s mouth. As Bjorn devoured my womanhood I watched him stroke his beet red hard cock. I panted saying “Master if we move over to the lounge chair I can nurse your cock.”

Bjorn’s head shot right up with that prospect taking me by the hand we went over to the lounge chair. Bjorn sat down first arranging the chair so he was lying down. I went over and straddled Bjorn’s face placing my hungry pussy onto his eager lips. I teased Bjorn at first bring my pussy down to his lips then snatching it away until Bjorn grabbed my hips and buried his face into my wetness. I groaned bringing my own face down to Bjorn’s cock. I gently lick the tip and I felt Bjorn shudder underneath me. I lick the head again teasing the cock watching it move with desire. I sunk down onto the cock all the way to the hairy root. I pulled hard with my mouth on Bjorn’s cock. Bjorn cried out in absolute euphoria and his body shivered from my nursing. I sucked the cock and massaged Bjorn’s scrotum with my hands. His balls with their covering of lacey brown hair were so heavy I thought they might explode. My own sex was lubricating Bjorn’s face and I was riding his tongue as if it was his cock. Bjorn groaned sweetly “I love your smooth pussy, Christine. You taste so good. I crave your pussy.” I hate being hairy down there so a couple years ago I decided to get laser hair removal treatments now I am as smooth as a baby’s butt.

The cock in my mouth began to thrust vigorously. I knew Bjorn was going to cum soon. I pulled the cock out and commence to mouthing Bjorn’s heavy scrotum while my fingers tease the head of the cock pinching a bit feeling the slick fluid on my fingers. Bjorn howled burying his face deeper into my hot sex. Just then I could feel another person was watching us and immediately became even more excited. I figured I should entertain our voyeur. I set to bring my mouth back to Bjorn swollen manhood fine if this strange wants to watch I hope they like my technique. I felt like a Goddess and a very dirty girl which turned me on even more. I think Bjorn was aware that we had a voyeur because he began to engorge feverously on my pussy. I saw from the corner of my eye our voyeur step out from the shadows it was Adum.

Adum pulled up a chair from the porch table about two feet from Bjorn and me on the lounge. Adum was completely naked and erect. He sprawled his legs about the chair and commenced to stroking his rock hard sex in front of us. Adum growled to me “Suck my brother’s cock good, Christine. Make him cum in your mouth.” Bjorn heard his brother’s statement and he wildly moaned with primal yearning. Bjorn gasped to Adum “Brother you should taste her little sex it is amazing like sweet peaches.” I saw Adum stand up. I was still yanking on Bjorn’s cock with my mouth hard. As if I wished it I felt Adum hot tongue lap at my wetness along with Bjorn. I squealed with ecstasy. I instinctually ran my open hand down to touch one of the heads pushing my sex wider onto the faces pleasuring me. Adum pulled away murmuring to his brother “I want to take her now, Bjorn. Is that ok with you?” I stopped my feasting on Bjorn’s cock to howl “But Master you told me to make your brother cum in my mouth?” “Yes my dear I did but I must have you now.” Adum said loving. I stood up and Bjorn sat up.

Adum took me by the hands sweetly and brought me back over to porch swing. He sat me down gently and slowly parted my legs. Adum caressed my cheek kissing me slowly passionately then his hard thick sex entered me. My legs encircled Adum’s waist pulling his cock deeper into me. I was completely impaled by Adum’s cock. He jabbed at my wet sex slowly but then I wailed with fervor and Adum sped up. I could feel Adum’s soft scrotum smacking up against me his whole penis was inside working me. Adum whimpered in ecstasy “Brother her pussy is so tight. I’m afraid I might cum to fast!” Bjorn walked over and whispered something into Adum’s ear. All the sudden Adum pulled out and slapped his own cock multiple times. This action shocked me but I didn’t have time to contemplate Adum’s reaction to my genitalia because Bjorn forced his cock back into my eager mouth.

I went back to sucking Bjorn’s cock vigorously as Adum took a long breath. My legs were still encircling Adum’s waist but his cock was resting on my moist cleft. Every pull of Bjorn’s cock with my mouth I rubbed my wetness up against Adum’s enlarged organ. My moans of pleasure were pleading with Adum to enter me again. Finally, I broke free from Bjorn’s massive cock and hollered “Please Master I want to feel your cock inside me again!” Adum just gave me a teasing smile but he never entered me. I couldn’t hold it in anymore I erupted in a violent orgasms squirting hot fluids all over Adum’s hard penis. Just then Bjorn began to violently stroke his penis then he erupted squirting his masculinity all over my face and breasts. With that Adum slammed his engorged penis into me hard. I was drenched with sweat, Bjorn’s juices, and my own juices.

Adum reamed me out. I was gasping for air as Adum fucked my brains out. I had absolutely no control of my body which was thrashing around wildly. Oh I was on the brink of a massive eruption and I was afraid that the orgasm was going to be so shattering that I might pass out. Adum was grunting through his teeth “This pussy is mine all mine!” I could see Bjorn was erect again and he was stroking himself off feverishly. I was digging my nails into Adum strong muscular back. His cock was punishing me I squealed “Punish me Master! I have been a bad girl!” Adum was so deep it felt as if he was in my stomach. The cock jabbed and pulsated wildly inside me. Then Adum and I were face to face he stiffened up and let out a low animalistic growl. Extremely hot secretion burst inside me then I screamed like a Banshee. After I came I think I did pass out. I woke several hours later still on the porch swing the Sun was shining and the breeze off the Lake was cool. I was enveloped and entwine in Adum and Bjorn’s arms. They were both awake tenderly kissing and caressing me. I felt again like a Goddess and beautiful. I kissed both Adum and Bjorn gently on the lips we just stayed on the swing enjoying the morning and each other.

The Tempering of Christine- Chapter 5


Saturday, August 23, 2014- Early Day 2 –Bjorn and the Porch Swing

“Christine take me now baby.” Bjorn moaned as he gazed at my face. I pulled off the clit stimulator and nipple clamps they were starting to annoy me. Bjorn held out his hands for me hold onto as I mounted his thick hard cock. The cock slid in with no issues. A shiver of excitement and relief shot through my body. I began to move up and down slowly on the thick gorgeous cock moving with the motion of the porch swing. Bjorn moaned deep and low with the pleasure. I couldn’t stop kissing Bjorn’s pouty lips forcing my hot tongue into his mouth massaging it with his tongue. Bjorn’s hands were on my hips guiding them as my sex danced on his own stiff organ. I felt one of Bjorn’s hands move from my right hip then I felt his fingertips beginning to massage my swollen hungry clit. I threw my back with elation and I began to buck wildly on Bjorn’s seething hot penis.

Bjorn was a gorgeous younger version of his older brother Adum. I loved coupling with him when I can during these lake retreats. Bjorn is a passionate thoughtful lover and his body is like an amusement park for women. Bjorn is a young man but he knows how to please a lady and his stamina for perfect for a woman of my age. The times I have coupled with Bjorn it wasn’t your typical wham bam thank you ma’am session. I literally have had almost full day lovemaking sessions with him. Especially, when Bjorn decides to bury his handsome face into my hot wet sex this could be hours on unbridle pleasure. I have actually pushed his head away screaming for his beautiful cock to pierce me.

Bjorn began to tease my clit while I rode his manhood. I was grinding my sex into him craving his cock driving myself to the ultimate release. The cock was smooth and thick my tight little vagina molded contracted around it, stroking it from the inside. Bjorn was almost screaming with the pleasure “Oh Christine you are so fucking tight. I’m going to stretch your little pussy out!” I started whispering to Bjorn “Do me daddy. I’ve been such a bad girl punish me with your hard cock!” A spark of pure frenzy flickered in Bjorn eyes.

Bjorn brought his hand back to my hip then applied pressure holding my hips in place. Bjorn with reckless abandon rammed his cock deep and vigorously into my hungry wet sex. The ecstasy shot through me like an arrow. I started screaming “Oh God, fuck me Master.” Bjorn grunted hard hissing through his teeth “Cum for me, cum for your Master!” I came so hard my body was resonating with the orgasm. My sex release juices all over Bjorn’s thick cock. Bjorn’s whole body stiffened and low sexy rumble emitted from his lips then a hot juices shot into my aching vagina. We both collapsed from our mutual orgasms. I was still feeling aftershocks when I felt Bjorn’s cock come alive again. The cock began to vibrate inside of me. Bjorn picked me up looping his arms around my legs. Bjorn gave my pussy an even harder coring. Sweat was running down our bodies and Bjorn panting like he was running a marathon spent his hot man juices into me again. I threw my head in sheer ecstasy.

We sat back down on the swing. I was wrapped in Bjorn’s arms and we were cuddling. I knew at any moment Bjorn’s cock would rise again and I would be pounded like a chicken cutlet. Bjorn and I had amazing sexual chemistry. I loved him in many ways. I loved these moments we could play with one another but I also loved his friendship. However, Bjorn knew just as I did that my heart belonged to his brother Adum. An up until this weekend Adum and I were on the course of being a couple or so I thought.

I was lying in Bjorn’s lap on the swing caressing his beautiful face as I looked up at him. I said honestly to him “Life would be so much easier if I could just fall in love with you and you fall in love with me.” Bjorn shook his head in agreement. Bjorn was in love with Johanna but every time they seem to “give a try” some sort of disaster happens. The last time it was Bjorn being unfaithful while he was away shooting his television show. Yes I know what we just did would be considered cheating but these retreats are for us to safely experiment with all aspects of sex. I am a relatively conservative person throughout the entire year the Lake trips allow me to indulge the little sex crazed whore inside me. We are all friends here so we do nourish our sexual appetites with no strings attached. Bjorn and I just lay in each other’s arms stroking and teasing each other. We were silent for a long period then Bjorn said “I hope you will let me taste you sometime this weekend. I love licking your pussy out Christine.” I gave him a devilish smile purring “Ohhhh!” from my lips. Bjorn scooped up and carried me over to the table on the porch. “Lay back Christine let me taste you.” Bjorn purred. “Go right ahead Master.” I cooed parting my legs watching Bjorn’s face disappear between my legs.

The Tempering of Christine- Chapter 4


August 22, 2014: Day 1- The Dinner and the Bedroom Drama

At 7PM the slaves served their Masters dinner on the back porch that faced Lake Vättern in Karlsborg, Sweden. I was kneeling on a pillow to the right of my Master Adum Skoglund while he ate his meal. I was staring up at Adum while he ate that is because one of Adum’s rules was for me not to take my eyes off of him. So I was being compliant with Adum’s wishes. However, Adum was seething with indignation towards me. I figured it was from the scene that played out in the kitchen with his younger brother and our Grand Master this weekend Gunnar.

Gunnar Skoglund is a thirty-six year-old very tall slender build man. Gunnar is extremely handsome with a regal look about him. When Gunnar started losing his hair he just swallowed his vanity and shaved his entire head clean. Because that is the kind of man Gunnar is he didn’t get angry he just tried to adapt. Adum is the oldest of the clan he is two years older than Gunnar, almost fourteen years older than Bjorn, and four years older than Elsa. There are two more other brothers in the mix as well. Adum and Bjorn are almost twins they resemble each other so much. Adum is fairer than Bjorn who has chestnut brown-hair and blue eyes. Gunnar and Elsa who mostly resemble their mother Marta same dark brown hair and dark blue verging on hazel eyes. Gunnar’s is known by most as the jokester so much so that his family calls him “Loki” from Norse Mythology.

Naturally, I am big Gunnar fan because of his mischievous personality which makes him an exceptional lover. We have been doing these Lake trips for about five years and yes I have indulged many times with Gunnar. Bjorn just started to participate about three years ago when he turned twenty-one and yes I have had my way with him as well. So the episode in the kitchen pissed Adum off so be it! Adum is a mere fledgling at this “master/ slave” game. I’m sure he’ll get over it but if he doesn’t I can always hope to be mastered by his extremely sexy brothers.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself in the kitchen with my brother, Christine?” Adum said hissing through his teeth. I didn’t respond I just stared at him with totally impertinence on my face. Adum grabbed my chin very hard bring my face to his then he spat out “Keep up the shitty attitude Christine..I dare you!” I feeling Adum’s jealousy and anger said without any shame “Or what Master? You’ll beat me. You’ve already done that. Your brother is the one who really punished me by pleasuring me!” Adum immediately stood up then grabbed my arms folding them against my back. I heard him scream saying “I need rope to bind her hands!” I could hear Gunnar say something to Adum like “Settle down man you’re hurting her!” I then felt some heavy silk rope wrapped around my arms binding them to my back. With that Adum hoisted me over his big broad shoulder. My hair was hanging down to his butt. Then Adum took me into the house.

Adum took me to his bedroom. Which then Adum bound me and left me to go back to the dinner. I started bawling and I realized that I was starving. I screamed “You bastard! I fucking hate you Adum, you hear me I hate you!” Adum was such a novice that he forgot to gag me. I was kneeling on Adum’s bed my hands and feet were bound to the bed posts. I struggled and cried for over an hour then out of sheer exhaustion I drifted off to sleep.

About midnight someone swatted a leather strap at my exposed breasts the sting woke me immediately. I brought my head up to see Adum lying in bed he was naked but he wasn’t alone my two friends Ange and Colette were in bed with him. Ange looked uncomfortable and Colette was drunk. I watched Colette go down on Adum’s rock hard cock. Colette’s loud sucking echoed throughout the bedroom. I just knelt still bound and acted like I didn’t give a crap. Adum began to moan loudly thrusting his organ into Colette’s mouth so much so she gagged a bit. I was not impressed by Adum and I let him know that by the look in my eyes. Then I really let him know by falling asleep again. Just as Adum was mounting Colette to ravage her I drifted off to blissful sleep.

I was awakened again about 2 AM by Bjorn. He unbound me from the bed post. I could see Adum was sleeping and Colette was sleeping next to me bound. Bjorn picked me up taking out of Adum’s room. “Can you walk sweetheart?” Bjorn asked kindly. “Yes.” I said. Bjorn placed me onto my feet. “Come down stairs to the kitchen and I will cook you something. You must be starving?” Bjorn said as he kissed my eyes. We walked down to the kitchen. I sat down at the breakfast bar while Bjorn put together a plate of leftovers for me to eat. Bjorn sat across and sweetly fed me from the plate. Bjorn was the sensual brother. He really didn’t care for the whipping of slaves. Bjorn’s punishments that he inflicted were of the carnal kind. The denial of sexual release bringing his slaves to the verge of totally elation then snapping them back by a simple phrase such as “You didn’t say please, Master!” which left the slave groveling at his feet.

“Why is your brother acting like this?” I said almost sobbing. “I don’t know Chris. He has been acting strange since we got here.” Bjorn said. Bjorn fed me from the plate some more. I took the pieces of food from his fingers licking them seductively. I was still naked and Bjorn was only wearing his gray boxer briefs. I could see this feeding ritual was enticing Bjorn. I ran my hand down Bjorn’s smooth muscular chest. I stroked the line a dark brown hair on Bjorn’s navel. I could see his cock rise in his boxers. I breathlessly said to Bjorn “Master please punish me with your thick cock.” Bjorn snatched me up going outside to the porch swing. The desire thundered in my veins with the porch swing prospect. I pushed Bjorn down onto the porch swing ripping his boxers off. Then I mounted him.

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